About the Garden Weasel

Growing up, my family had a small family farm surrounded by state forest land in the back woods of Michigan. I think my family was practicing sustainability and permaculture long before those words were hip.  Whatever it was, it taught me a lot about nature, creativity, gardening, and independence.  When I wasn't weeding (yawn) or doing some of all the million chores a family homestead demands, I would explore and play in the woods around our farm.  I would find an old worn stump and pretend it was a woodland fairy house for my barbie dolls.  The leaves, the smell of the earth, the wind blowing through the red pines, rock formations, all were fuel for my imagination.  And as you guessed by now, I did not get eaten by a bear or coyote!

No matter where I have travelled or lived, those images have always stayed with me.  And even though I was all about going to the big city when I had the chance, I also always, have had a garden, even when I lived in an apartment or could only have planters on a railing.  And, somewhere along the way, my good friend dubbed me the "Garden Weasel".  Now, I have a huge garden and certified wildlife habitat in the middle of the suburbs. It inspires me. My neighbors think I am crazy.

I have taken a variety of jewelry and metalsmithing classes, including ones at Quench Jewelry Arts in Minneapolis. I like taking metal, pounding, drawing, etching, and applying fire to it to make something special. There is a certain alchemy about it all.  I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration from Northern Michigan University.